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Wooden the building play of the balance beam of the children's council

Wooden the building play of the balance beam of the children's council

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The perfect early student toys for your young goats, related, etc., can also teach the young goats as a pre-school piece toys.

"🌈 🌈ondek The world of imagination and the development of skills with our extraordinary kids Puzzle Beam Houten building game! This innovative set is a wonderful mix of creativity, cognitive growth and physical activity and offers your child an enriching play experience.

The puzzle pieces are made of high -quality wood, with an eye for detail and guarantee durability and safety for your little ones. The set consists of a balance beam and wooden building blocks and offers versatile playing options that stimulate pleasure and learning.

🤹‍♂️Educational Fun: The puzzle pieces have vibrant colors and fascinating patterns, which improves visual recognition and the cognitive skills of your child are stimulated. While they connect the pieces to make a balanced bar, problem -solving skills and logical thinking are stimulated.

🧸Development of motor skills: See how your child's fine motor skills blossoms when handling and connecting the puzzle pieces. Balancing on the beam promotes gross motor skills and coordination, which contributes to their overall physical development.

👶 Safe and sustainable: We give priority to the safety of your little ones. The wooden parts are carefully made, free from harmful substances and designed to withstand the hardships of enthusiastic game. The smooth edges provide a sturdy grip so that you can play carefree.

👨‍👩‍👧Interactive playing time: This wooden building game is not only a solo activity, it is perfect for interactive game with friends or family. Encourage social development, teamwork and communication skills when children work together to build and balance.

🎁Ideal gift: Looking for an attentive and educational gift for birthdays or special occasions? Our wooden building game puzzle balance beam for children is a unique and delicious choice that brings joy, laughter and development benefits.

🌟 Let creativity run free: In addition to structured play, this set stimulates creativity with an open end. Let the imagination of your child run free when making different forms, structures and scenarios, to stimulate love for research and innovation.


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1 x Clown balance beam


- Afmeting ca. 20,5 x 22 x 2,5cm

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Wooden the building play of the balance beam of the children's council